Professional Insertion Survey 2024

11 March 2024 IGR-IAE
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Are you a 2023 graduate?

It's already been several months since you officially graduated from a Master 2 program at IGR-IAE Rennes, and we're keen to find out what's become of you, those of you who have spent time on the benches of IGR-IAE Rennes.

Are you currently employed? Looking for work or studying? On a fixed-term or permanent contract? In France or abroad, tell us all about it!

It only takes a few minutes to complete our professional insertion survey for the class of 2023: a link was sent to your personal mailboxes on Friday, March 1!

Didn't receive it? Contact us: igr-stages@univ-rennes1 .fr

Many thanks to everyone who takes the time to reply!

They are invaluable in helping us to determine the best directions for our future students, in a spirit of continuous improvement, so dear to IGR-IAE Rennes.

We're counting on your entire class to respond en masse and inspire our new generations of students!

Responses to this survey will be treated as strictly anonymous.

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