Past or present, the IGR Alumni network is with you for life!

04 July 2023 IGR Alumni
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IGR graduates, past or present, the IGR Alumni network is with you for life!

Graduates in 2012 and 2018 of a CCA master's degree, we have been involved in IGR Alumni projects for several years. It's an honor to co-chair the IGR-IAE Rennes alumni network, and a way for us to show our attachment to the school.

Our ambition is simple: to maintain your link with IGR-IAE Rennes by bringing your life as a graduate to life.


To achieve this, our association has been structured for several years, thanks in particular to the commitment of Coralie GOURLAY, our former president.

We can now count on delegations in many departments of the west of France. Poles have also been developed on specific themes (CSR, HR & Management, Entrepreneurship, etc.).

Whether you're a student or a graduate, IGR Alumni can support you throughout your professional life through events such as company visits, afterworks or workshops on management-related topics.

Involvement in the IGR Alumni network simply means giving a little of your time to give back to IGR-IAE Rennes what our school has given us: a diploma, of course, but above all a life experience and a state of mind.

Thepower of the network lies in its volunteers, who give their time year-round or for one-off events. We thank them for bringing IGR Alumni to life.

These encounters give rise to wonderful moments of exchange and conviviality, rich in discoveries. We have a number of projects in mind, to enable all of us to be supported by Alumnis at every stage of our lives: a promotion, a career change, an entrepreneurial adventure, and so on...

The strength of a network is crucial to succeeding in these challenges and living them more serenely.

Because we all have something to learn and receive from a network, we invite you to take part in our events, or even to get involved as one of our driving forces, so that we can all continue to move forward together and keep the IGR-IAE Rennes spirit alive!

It will be a real pleasure to meet you or see you again, in Rennes or elsewhere!

Aurélie EGAULT & Morgane LE PABIC

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