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01 January 2024 IGR Alumni
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A new Sarthe Delegation has just been created under the impetus of Sandra GAUMONT.
A meeting has already been scheduled for January 18, so make a note of the date!

Another graduate, Tianjanahary RAKAMIARIVELOSOA, has offered to lead a new Delegation in Switzerland.

We're appealing to all alumni in the country: join the group now to receive invitations for upcoming events, which will be coming soon!

Delegation 22 is relaunching with a new team: François DEMARS and Anne-Elsa GICQUEL!
Join the group to keep up with news from the Côtes d'Armor!

👉 Would you like to organize a delegation near you?
Don't hesitate to share your ideas and desires, we'll be delighted to help you make the project a reality:

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