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15 November 2022 IGR Alumni
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IGR Alumni has its own Linkedin page

By subscribing to this new page, you will be able to

- Follow the activities of the IGR-IAE Rennes alumni network

- Participate in events organised by IGR Alumni

- Keep up to date with job offers, news from key sectors, etc.

- Discover inspiring portraits and career paths of IGR alumni...


In addition to events organised by IGR Alumni - including Delegations and others, you will also discover new projects, ideas to share between members, "Career" news - with targeted job offers, information linked to the professional environment on themes such as entrepreneurship for example.

And we're also counting on you to let us know about your areas of interest or your business news: business start-ups, changes of function, new projects or initiatives likely to be of interest to other members.

Find us on >> IGR ALUMNI PAGE

A whole panorama just a click away!

Stay connected!


Linkedin is THE professional social network par excellence; here's a reminder of the useful communication channels

Pages :

Official IGR Alumni page

Official IGR-IAE Rennes page

Officiel IGR-IAE Rennes English page


Groupes :

Official IGR Alumni private group
strictly for graduates and students.

The International Alumni group
International Alumni For IGR-IAE Students, also open to international alumni


>> Everyone is free to share information of interest to other members.




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