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13 July 2023 Membres
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Elles en Bretagne, the podcast of committed and inspiring Breton women!

The aim of the Elles en Bretagne podcast, created by Marie-Cecile Penvern in 2021, is to highlight women's projects on ecological and societal transitions in Brittany.
In the form of 30 to 45-minute interviews, we explore with them their journeys, their successes, their doubts, their tips and their pride. Through these exchanges, we discover remarkable, fascinating and inspiring women!


Our ambition is to introduce you to everyday women who are confident and daring. This podcast gives them visibility, and enables the younger generation to draw inspiration and dare. Women have their place and a role to play in today's ecological, social, cultural and economic transitions...

Podcasts are a new audio-based medium. It has become a refuge from the screens of telecommuting, TV or Netflix evenings, You Tube, ... It lends itself perfectly to the discovery of these women's journeys, as it allows for encounters and intimacy that enable them to open up with sincerity and authenticity.

Elles en Bretagne is available via @Ausha on all platforms including Spotify, Google Podcast, Appel Podcast, Deezer,....

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