The IGR-IAE Foundation

The IGR-IAE Foundation

The IGR-IAE Foundation was created in 2007 by five Breton business managers who were convinced of the school's assets for the local economy. For 15 years, the IGR-IAE Foundation has brought together students, researchers and companies around a common project: to participate in the development of a united and responsible Brittany.

Under the supervision of the Fondation de France, the IGR-IAE Foundation is the first foundation in France created by companies for the benefit of an IAE. A foundation dedicated to the ambition, the missions and the values of IGR-IAE Rennes!


- Social Responsibility and Equal Opportunities

Since its creation, the IGR-IAE Rennes Foundation has supported more than 230 students in their studies and professional projects (social grants, international mobility...). It has encouraged 4,500 students in their community projects and for the past two years has provided financial assistance to nearly 50 students facing exceptional difficulties ( welfare assistance to meet urgent needs: housing, repatriation costs...).



- The Quality of Academic Teaching

For 15 years, the IGR-IAE Foundation has supported the school in its missions through its investments, more than 200 000€, to promote the internationalization of courses (foreign language certifications, TOEIC, Widaf...). It participates in the acquisition by students of specific skills via professional certifications, 500 students already benefit from this. Through its daily activities ( lectures, courses, conferences, internship and work-study opportunities, etc.) it contributes to the training of our 1,400 students every year.

- The Quality of Academic Research

The IGR-IAE Foundation contributes to the quality of academic research by supporting IGR-IAE Rennes' professors and researchers, members of a CNRS research laboratory (CREM, in Management Sciences) in their work (350 scientific articles rewarded since its creation). It also provides support for the transfer and dissemination of knowledge in management through the Observatory of Managers, engineering contracts and support for doctoral students.



- Contribute to the development of the region and its companies

The Foundation supports IGR-IAE Rennes in aligning students' skills with the needs of companies. It facilitates and encourages relationships and partnerships with socio-economic players. With more than 5,000 graduates in Brittany, 1,800 companies that contact us and a territorial impact already estimated in 2007 by the BSIS survey to be over 53 million euros, the Foundation contributes to making IGR-IAE Rennes a major local player.

As a graduate of IGR-IAE Rennes, do you share our values and our ambition? Contribute to the training of our students and your future employees by supporting the IGR-IAE Foundation!

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