Taxe d'Apprentissage 2023: SOLTéA opening extended

01 September 2023 IGR-IAE
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Directing your payments to SOLTéA: an essential step

At the end of the first phase of the SOLTéA platform,IGR-IAE Rennes had collected around 30% of the total 2022 amount.

In order to overcome this national problem, an extension of the platform's opening for the second arrowing phase has been granted until October 15, 2023.

We would like to remind you that channelling your balance of the apprenticeship tax to IGR-IAE Rennes is essential to guarantee an optimal experience for our students and to pursue our commitment to excellence in the training of your future talents.

The apprenticeship tax contributes in particular to :

1- Offer everyone access to innovative public education in management science and management, based on recognized academic research and professional experience

2- Promoteinternationalization of career paths through exchanges and foreign language certifications

3 - Develop creativity and entrepreneurial spirit through associative projects and business creation seminars

4 - Contribute to successful professional integration by supporting students in the construction of their project (work and career week) while increasing interaction with companies through conferences, forums, etc.

5 - Improve student well-being by creating spaces for socializing and learning, and by promoting environmentally-friendly mobility...

To find us on SOLTéa and give us your support :

IGR-IAE Rennes SOLTéA identity sheet

Some concrete examples of how the apprenticeship tax will be used in 2023-2024:

- Soundproofing of classrooms
- Installation of additional screens and videoconferencing facilities
- Financing of serious games
- Funding for certifications
- Continued development of the studio for associative life
- Outdoor parking facilities to facilitate bicycle and scooter travel
- New sorting garbage cans to optimize waste management...

We sincerely thank you for your commitment and support for your training establishment.

Together, we can build the future of your future employees.

The IGR-IAE Rennes team

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