What is the Loire-Atlantique Delegation?

The Loire-Atlantique Delegation federates former IGR-IAE Rennes graduates living in the region around events such as afterworks and company visits.

These events often bring together around 10 to 15 participants, and the alumni really appreciate these moments!

Our goal for 2022 is to make IGR Alumni better known! Many alumni are new to IGR and don't know that events are taking place.

Our current activities & projects

  • Opening a private IGR Alumni Loire Atlantique group on LinkedIn to facilitate exchanges: to be developed in 2022!

  • The organization of company visits or presentations (by alumni, entrepreneurs, etc.) could also be of interest!

  • The delegation also takes part in the joint event "Un IGRien vous ouvre ses portes", which consists of each delegation meeting an IGRien in his or her company during the 2nd half of November.

Responsible person(s)