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25 juin 2019

Workshop Global Brittany

You are invited to Global Brittany’s next workshop (earlier than usual, watch out)

We hope to see you there!

(If you wish to attend, please let us know how many people at, for organization purposes = room size).


* Why should you attend ? · You will join a 90-minute discussion in English · The topic is professional but not specialized, to help you reflect on your working environment · The venue changes, so you are introduced to a different organization each time. 

* What are the conditions ? 
The meetings are free. Although participants are often invited to introduce themselves, you are free to speak or not. No registration is required, participants do not have to provide any information or to become members of the association. This is a free event organized for you, nothing is expected in return… Except the success of your projects!

* Who can attend the workshop ? 
Anyone involved in any business environment is welcome ! This includes executives, technicians, clerks, managers, job seekers… There is no fluency requirement, participants can even attend and stay silent if they do not feel comfortable joining the debate.

* Why these workshops in English ? 
If Brittany is to be fully integrated in the global economy, meetings in English should be commonplace. This is not the case yet, either because people are not prepared or English is not used in their workplace. Global Brittany organizes these workshops to give everybody an opportunity to discuss business issues in English.

* What is Global Brittany ?
Global Brittany is a non profit association based in Brittany, created in 2010 to help Brittany to connect to the global economy.


It is a grassroots initiative, funded and operated by its members, independent from any business or institution Global Brittany Association loi de 1901 36 rue de Slimnic F-35740 Pacé


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